CCPS Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts Curriculum

Prior to selecting an art major, students should consult with their advisor and the chairman of the department of art and art history. All students who decide to major in art or art history should officially elect a faculty member from the department as their formal advisor and consult with that faculty member prior to course registration each semester. This major is for students who: (1) wish to pursue a general major in fine arts; (2) plan to complete a second major in education leading to certification to teach art at the elementary or secondary level — in which case students must consult with the school of education concerning the state requirements for the art education teaching certificate; or (3) plan to seek admittance into a graduate program in the fine arts — in which case ARTZ 395: Portfolio and a second major in art history or design arts are highly recommended. Please note that ARTZ 111 is offered in the fall semester only. ARTZ 495 Capstone Studio is to be taken in the spring semester of the year the student graduates. To enroll in ARTZ 495 students are required to fill out a "Permission to Register for Special Coursework" form. The fine arts major is only available through the Springfield campus.

In addition to the general education requirements, the fine arts major requires 33 hours of coursework in the following distribution:

Required Courses (12 hours):
ARTZ 111: Foundations of Studio and Design
ARTZ 123: Drawing
ARTZ 495*: Capstone Studio

In addition, choose one of the following (3 hours):
ARTH 151: History of Art & Architecture I
ARTH 152: History of Art & Architecture II

Choose seven of the following electives (21 hours):
(Only one course can be an ARTH elective and three must be 300 level or above; at least one course in 2-D and one in 3-D media required.)
ARTH 200: Print Making
ARTH 205: Weaving
ARTH 230: Painting I
ARTH 240: Ceramics I
ARTH 250: Sculpture I
ARTZ 260: Photography I
ARTZ 323*: Figure Drawing
ARTZ 330*: Painting II
ARTZ 340*: Ceramics II
ARTZ 341*: Ceramic Mold-Making & Slip Casting
ARTZ 342*: Ceramic Hand Building
ARTZ 343: Ceramic Wheel Throwing
ARTZ 350*: Sculpture II
ARTZ 351*: Contemporary Sculpture I
ARTZ 352*: Contemporary Sculpture II
ARTZ 360*: Photography II
ARTZ 361*: Alternative Photographic Process
ARTZ 367*: Digital Photography II
ARTZ 380*: Field Studies
ARTZ 395*: Portfolio
ARTZ 290,390*,490*: Selected Topics
ARTZ 391,392*,491*,492*: Research
ARTZ 397*, 398, 497*498*: Internship
ARTZ 301*,302*,401*,402*: Advanced Studio (1-3 hrs. each)
ARTZ 350* Modern Art
ARTH 354*: Modern Architecture
ARTH 355* Modern Architecture II
ARTH 360* History of Photography

*300-400-level courses are only available through the Springfield campus.

Couses used as electives for one art major may not also satisfy requirements for another art major.
Students are required to complete a "Permission to Register for Special Coursework" form to enroll in Research (ARTZ 395), Research (ARTH 397,398,497,498) or ARTZ 495 Capstone Studio.

Students must take the following course as part of general education requirements: PLSC 101: Government and Politics in the U.S.