Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

CCPS offers undergraduate bachelor of science degree programs

A bachelor of science degree is a type of undergraduate degree generally earned in four years. At Drury University, students must complete 124 credit hours of coursework to earn a bachelor of science degree. The general education requirements fulfill 45 of the 124 hours. 30-49 hours are fulfilled by completing the required curriculum for the student's chosen bachelor of science degree program. The remaining 30-49 hours are free elective hours.

A student must be officially admitted to Drury University in order to be degree seeking. If students have transfer credit or previously earned hours from Drury, the should apply for admission prior to or at the time of registration. A bachelor of science degree can be earned through Drury University in the following areas:

Advertising/Public Relations
Criminal Justice
Design Arts
Elementary Education
Emergency Management
Environmental Management & Assessment
Fine Arts
Health Services*
Human Services
Instructional Technology
Law Enforcement
Organizational Communication & Development
Secondary Education
(available as a second major
with history, English, and art
(K-12) subject areas)
* degree completion with prior certification

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