Bachelor of Science General Education Requirements

45 hours

a) Approval of degree candidacy from the admission committee after submission of an application for admission . A student must be admitted before accumulating 30 semester hours (including transfer hours) toward a degree.

b) Successful completion of a minimum of 124 semester hours with an average grade of ā€œCā€ (2.0 Cumulative GPA) for all Drury work and notification by the student to the university by the first week of the semester of graduation of intent to graduate.

c) ENGL 150 and three additional hours of English , either literature or composition, for a total of six hours in English ( ENGL 109, 110, 111, 112, 115, 116, 117 may not be counted toward meeting this requirement). Three of these English hours are applied towards the general education requirement listed in "h1" below.

d) Three hours of college-level mathematics . This mathematics requirement is applied to the general education requirement listed in ā€œh2ā€ below.

e) Three hours of basic computer skills. Students may fulfill the requirement with EDUC 200 Technology in the Classroom or GSTU 210 Desktop Applications.

f) Successful completion of LIBR 211 Research Information Skills.

g) Three hours of cultural diversity. GLST 201 Global Awareness and Cultural Diversity is recommended for those students enrolling with fewer than 59 hours who wish to complete their general education credits at Drury. For those students transferring in with an associate of arts or science degree, or more than 59 hours, or for those who need upper division credit, an elective from the Minorities and Indigenous Cultures category is recommended (ARTH 371, ARTH 374, ENGL 317, HIST 344, HIST 350, HIST 360, HIST 375, HIST 385, PLSC 360, PLSC365, PLSC 370, PLSC 375, PLSC 385, SOCI 316, SOCI 351 or SOCI 355).

h) A distribution including a minimum of 12 hours in each of the three fields of knowledge with at least three hours in two or more departments excluding the major department . The three fields of knowledge are:

(1) Humanities and Fine Arts: art and art history, communication, languages and literature, music, philosophy, religion, theatre and English ( ENGL 109, 110, 111, 112, 115, 116, 117 and 150 may not be counted toward meeting this requirement)

(2) Science and Mathematics: biology, chemistry, environmental studies, mathematics, physics

(3) Social Sciences: PLSC 101 Government and Politics and nine additional hours in accounting, business administration, criminal justice, economics, education, geography, global studies, history, leadership studies, paralegal studies, political science, psychology and sociology.

Some degree programs require specific courses be taken to satisfy general education requirements. These courses are listed with the descriptions for those degrees.

i) At least 36 hours of the total number of hours required for graduation must be upper division courses (numbered 300 or greater).

j) At least the final 30 undergraduate hours must be earned at Drury University.

k) A completed academic major.

l) The university expects all candidates for degrees to be present at the commencement exercises.

m) No student who has any unsettled accounts with the university will be graduated.