Bachelor of Science in Writing Curriculum

Bachelor of Science in Writing Curriculum

In addition to the general education requirements, the writing major requires 30 hours of coursework in the following distribution:

WRITING: 18 hours of Imaginative and Professional Writing courses, including six hours of the required Foundations courses. At least nine hours of courses must be numbered 300 or above.

Foundations (6 hours)
ENGL 207: Expository Writing: Art of the Essay
ENGL 253: Grammar and Style

Imaginative Writing (6 hours):
ENGL 266: Creative Writing I - Fiction
ENGL 267: Creative Writing I - Poetry
ENGL 268: Creative Writing I - Nonfiction
ENGL 366: Creative Writing II - Fiction
ENGL 367: Creative Writing II - Poetry
ENGL 368: Creative Writing II - Nonfiction

Professional Writting (6 hours):
ENGL 220: Business Writing
ENGL 251: Editing and Publishing
ENGL 397: Practicum Writing Internship
COMM 210: Graphic Design I
COMM 221: Media Writing
COMM 310: Graphic Design II

LITERATURE: Students must choose nine hours of literature electives, including at least three hours of upper division.

ENGL Electives (9 hours)

ENGL 493: Senior Seminar

Students must take the following course as part of general education requirements:
PLSC 101: Government and Politics in the U.S.