Technical Requirements

There are few technical capabilities your home computer needs to access your classes. You need a word processing program (Such as Microsoft Word or Works, or free alternative that can save files in an HTML or Web Page format and a computer that can connect to the internet either through a dial-up modem or via cable/DSL access.

Internet Browser Requirements

Currently, Blackboard is not supported on Internet Explorer 8 and you likely will not be able to connect to your online courses. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 and are having difficulties with Blackboard, you may want to try downloading Mozilla Firefox (

If you are unsure what browser you are using, visit and it will display what browser and version you are currently using.

Should you experience any problems, please contact the Online Education Office at (417) 873-7727 or by email at

Second Life Courses

Courses are also available using a virtual world component through Second Life. In order to take a course using this enhancement, your computer must have more advanced capability, as well as your Internet access. Read more about Second Life.

If you have any questions about these technical requirements, please contact the Online Education Office at or (417) 873-7727.

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