Drury / OTC Partnership Degree Programs

Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication and Development (formerly Organizational Studies) is designed for adults who wish to assume leadership, supervisory, and administrative roles within organizations. Coursework focuses on the behavioral and practical aspects of managing, motivating, and communicating with individuals in modern organizations. This degree provides a broad base of knowledge including advertising, psychology, finance, and legal issues in addition to the foundations of leadership and organizational principles.

This degree offers an interdisciplinary approach to organizations with a broad scope of knowledge which can be used within an array of industries. The coursework prepares graduates for supervisory roles within a wide variety of organizations including public or private, profit or non-profit.

Programs of Study

  • B.S. in Organizational Communication and Development / A.A. in Business
  • B.S. in Organizational Communication and Development / A.A.S. in Business
  • B.S. in Elementary Education / A.A.T
  • B.S. Health Services / A.A.S. Allied Health