CCPS Theatre Course Descriptions

100 Level Courses:
THTR 135: Introduction to Theatre
THTR 140: Acting I

200 Level Courses:
THTR 202: Oral Interpretation I
THTR 235: The History of Film
THTR 290: A-Z Selected Topics

300 Level Courses:
THTR 354: Writing for Stage and Screen
THTR 390: A-Z Selected Topics

400 Level Courses:
THTR 490: A-Z Selected Topics

THTR 135: Introduction to Theatre. 3 hours.
A survey of all aspects of the theatre and theatrical production including a study of representative artifacts of theatre history, a variety of dramatic styles, and the work of the individual theatre artists involved in the process as well as the role of the audience in theatre.

THTR 140: Acting I. 3 hours.
An introductory course to acting designed for majors and all students who wish to explore acting methodology. The course includes character development and expression. Practical exercises in both scripted and improvisational work will be stressed.

THTR 202: Oral Interpretation I. 3 hours.
Oral interpretation is the emotive performance of the printed page. Through in-class projects, this class explores the tenets of recitation and dramatic delivery as well as the assessment of literary aesthetics and performative form. The evaluation of interpretive personae and historical merit also are explored. Same as COMM 202.

THTR 235: The History of Film. 3 hours.
A survey of major international and American film accomplishments beginning with Griffith and Chaplain and continuing through contemporary directors such as Bergman, Fellini, and Allen. Some attention will be given to film technique, theory, and analysis. Same as ENGL 235, COMM 235.

THTR 354: Writing for Stage and Screen. 3 hours.
Students study play and film structure, character creation and the art of writing dialogue. Course responsibilities include the writing of two short plays and/or films. Same as ENGL 354.

THTR 290, THTR 390, THTR 490: A-Z Selected Topics. 1-2 hours each.