CCPS Faculty and Staff

CCPS Faculty and Staff

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty Applicants
Thank you for your interest in part-time teaching at Drury University. Required application materials include an adjunct faculty application, copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts, and a current resume. For complete application instructions, please see the link below.

The Adjunct Instructor Handbook includes information regarding course requirements, class enrollment, faculty appointment & pay, and much more. All part-time faculty are required to be familiar with the information presented in the handbook.

Syllabi Templates
These documents are designed to provide adjunct faculty with a template for a syllabus with the boilerplate information desired by the College of Continuing Professional Studies. They contain the minimum that should go into a syllabus based upon the modality and subject area of the course. A faculty member may add additional material, as deemed appropriate. Clearly defined expectations are the cornerstone of adult learning. Often, the difference between a good class experience and a great one is an outstanding syllabus.

Related links for Syllabi development

Course descriptions
Select the current year catalog and select your courses description

Academic Calendar
Important for semester dates and holidays, these need to be included in your syllabus

Forms and additional information
These forms and resources will assist faculty in preparing to teach courses, guiding students and gathering information.

CCPS Staff

CCPS Staff
Contact information and details for your CCPS staff.

Drury Staff
Information and resources that are relevant to all Drury staff, including staff a directory of information, campus telephone numbers & contact information, employee service, benefits information, and much more.

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