Take a Seat

Six students write their own Drury story

Interactive Feature:
Drury Traditions

Our first president set forth this purpose for the college at the close of Drury's first year:

"Not scholars, not surveyors, not discoverers, not lawyers and clergymen, but complete men and women. Drury's first care, therefore, of the youth committed to its guardianship, will be the culture of the intellect."

~ Nathan J. Morrison, 1874

It was this address in which Morrison dedicated the college to "Christo et Humanitati." This motto, Christ and Humanity, Morrison deemed, "a broader, a nobler rendering" of Harvard's "Christ and His Church."

From it's founding, Drury's first care has been the culture of the mind, dedicated also to something deeper and broader, a purpose of spirit and service.

In the following pages, some of "the youth committed to its guardianship" explore what liberal arts at Drury means to them. This freshman, sophomore, junior and senior, plus two alumni, represent the diversity, and the unity, of the Drury experience.

Take a seat.

Juan Franco
Class of 2014
Brennan Scott
Class of 2013
Bonnie Lyons
Class of 2012
Katya Lyukina
Class of 2011