Dr. Ray Patton
Assistant Professor of History Modern European Studies Coordinator
Global Foundations Co-Coordinator
Office: (417) 873-7368

Modern European Studies Minor

The Modern European Studies Program offers a minor to all students interested in developing a greater awareness and understanding of the history, politics, economics, and culture of modern Europe. Students pursuing the minor prepare themselves for graduate studies in a host of fields in which the study of Europe may play a role, or for a career involving contact with Europe.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Core Courses
(choose two courses from the following)
LLIT 250: Introduction to European Studies
HIST 230: Modern Europe
PLSC 354: Politics and Culture in Europe

European Studies
(choose two courses from the following)

ARTH 152: History of Art and Architecture II
ARCH 356 History of Modern Architecture
ARTH 350: Modern Art
ENGL 202: British Literature II: Nineteenth Century Through the Present
ENGL 330: Dangerous Liaisons: French Literature in Translation
FREN 302: French Culture and Civilization
FREN 320: France Today: Who Are the French?
FREN 344: Commercial French
FREN 352: Introduction to French Literature II
FREN 441, 442: Advanced Studies: French Language and Literature
FREN 464: Genre Study: French Poetry
FREN 465: Genre Study: French Drama
FREN 466: Genre Study: French Prose
FREN 493: Senior Seminar
FREN 494: Senior Seminar: French Literature
GEOG 109: World Regional Geography I
HIST 321: Women in European History
HIST 380: Hitler and Stalin
HIST 381: The Holocaust
MUSC 322: History of Music II
PHIL 314: History of Philsophy IV: Contemporary European
PLSC 380: Western Political Thought
SPAN 302: The Culture of Spain
SPAN 308: Spain Now: Contemporary Spanish Culture
SPAN 312: The Literature of Spain
SPAN 412: Advanced Studies: Hispanic Literature

Europe and the World
(choose one course from the following)
ARCH 418: Architectural Design VII: Urban Context
ARCH 426: Travel Journal: Mediterranean Cultures
ARCH 456: Culture and Place: The Greek Legacy
HIST 108: World History from 1500
HIST 244: Russia & the Soviet Union
HIST 258: Engaging the Past: Revolutions, 1789-1917
HIST 375: Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIST 385: Cold War Conflict and the Developing World
HIST 390: Selected Topics in Political Science

PLSC 312: Islam and the West
PLSC 360: Islam and Politics in the Modern Middle East
PLSC 375: Arab-Israeli Conflict
PLSC 390: Selected Topics in Political Science
RELG 202: Religions of the World: Middle Eastern
SPAN 305: Introduction to Hispanic Cultural Studies

**Selected topics should be confirmed with the coordinator of Contemporary European Studies for consideration as minor credit.

Study Abroad or Engaged Learning:
All students are required to participate in a study abroad program in a European country. The
program must either be administered through Drury University or approved through the Modern European Studies Program committee. Students may instead complete an engaged learning activity, to be developed and approved in cooperation with the coordinator.

Foreign Language Requirement:
Students are required to attain an intermediate level of proficiency in one of the foreign languages offered at Drury University. “Intermediate” is understood here to denote the expected degree of foreign language proficiency attainable at the end of a 202-level foreign language course.

LLIT 250: Introduction to European Studies. 3 hours.
The course introduces students to various forms of European identity, as well as the post-War political/economic structures and social/cultural developments that relate to these.

LLIT 493: Senior Seminar. 3 hours.
This course represents the culminating step for students pursuing the minor in Modern European Studies. Students revisit topics and themes from Introduction to European Studies, particularly as these pertain to the academic interests of the students.

LLIT 290, 390, 490 Selected Topics. 1-3 hours.