Durgapur, India

Semester Program


Institutions preparing future teachers across the United States continue to respond to the recognized need for greater international understanding and awareness among pre-service and in-service teachers. There are over 100 institutions in the United States which conduct student teaching programs in more than 50 countries with the dual purpose of preparing effective teachers and contributing to global understanding.


Anyone who has completed all the requirements for student teaching in the School of Education and Child Development at Drury University is eligible to apply for this program.em>.


At present there are two scholarships available in an academic year through the Hem Sheela Model School Endowed Scholarship Fund ($5,000 each), for students teaching at Hem Sheela Model School in Durgapur, India. This will cover their transportation, lodging, and meals in India. In order to receive this scholarship, students need to enroll for at least 12 credit hours. These students should receive their normal financial aid and scholarship with the exception of work study/ non work study and activity grants. Costs incurred by the student teachers include passport fee, visa fee, immunizations and other incidentals.

Application Process

The International Student Teaching program in the School of Education and Child Development is an opportunity that allows pre-service teachers who have completed the academic qualifications for student teaching to apply for a part of their student teaching assignment in Hem Sheela Model School.

The length of experience is about 6 weeks. Participation is possible during the fall or spring semester. A minimum of six months lead time is necessary in order to make arrangements. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. An application form is available. The international student teaching application is in addition to the regular student teaching application that verifies candidates for student teaching placements.

Application Deadline

Application deadline for this International Student Teaching experience is the same as the deadline to apply for approval of student teaching. See the website for the dates.

Student Selection Criteria

Students are interviewed by the International Student Teaching Committee consisting of the Director of the Teacher Education Program, two faculty members from the School of Education and Child Development, Coordinator of Field Experiences, Associate Dean for International Programs, and the Vice President for Alumni and Development. The committee considers grade point average, the essay, recommendation letters, the application form, and the interview performance. The student must demonstrate that he/she has the capability to student teach in an international setting. The decision made by the committee is final.

International Placement

For this experience, the students will be placed in Hem Sheela Model School (HSMS). This school is located in Durgapur, West Bengal, India and was established by Drs. Rabindra Roy and Protima Roy in loving memory of their parents in 1995. The HSMS is a sister school of Drury University and was accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education (K-12) in India.

The student is placed in HSMS under a cooperative teacher with proper teaching credentials. The resume of the cooperative teacher is checked by the faculty members from the School of Education and Child Development.

Prior preparations for an international experience are essential for successful student teaching. Students, who apply and are accepted in this program, are required to attend 4 orientation meetings on campus. These meetings cover the culture of the country, expectations, insurance, vaccinations, things to take, and one meeting is devoted to lesson planning. Topics to be covered at HSMS in a particular grade level are obtained for this purpose to guide students.

At the conclusion of the experience, students are required to give PowerPoint presentations for other pre-service teachers and faculty members.


Student teaching at Drury University is a 16 week experience enabling students to earn 10 credit hours. International student teaching is an option within the student teaching semester. All participants in this program are required to complete a part of their student teaching in one of Drury’s partner schools in the teacher education alliance. The credit earned will be applicable to the student’s degree requirements at Drury University in the same manner as the student teaching in a school in the United States does.

Negotiation has been made with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Missouri. Students who participate in the international student teaching option will be accepted for the teaching certificate. Also, the use of varied supervisory models will not interfere with the accreditation of the teacher education program at Drury University.

Travel Arrangements

A faculty member is responsible for making the travel arrangements. Students will also have the opportunity to tour the country and interact with Indian families.

Review committee for International Student Teaching Placement

Dr. Chris Craig- Director, School of Education and Child Development
Dr. Laurie Edmondson – Interim Director, School of Education and Child Development
Dr. Protima Roy – Professor of Education
Mr. Michael Thomas – Associate Dean for International Programs
Dr. Krystal McCulloch – Vice President for Alumni and Development

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Protima Roy:
(417) 873-7264