Campus Involvement

Experience involvement as a member of Drury Greek Life. Drury Greek students are traditionally more involved, make friends faster and feel more connected to campus life than independent students. New students that participate in fraternity/sorority recruitment begin college at an advantage because they have the chance to meet tons of other first year students in a fun, comfortable environment. Drury Greek chapter’s core values include excellence in academics, campus and community involvement and lifetime friendships. Many Greek alumni remain fast friends for life and continue to stay connected to the Drury community for years.

Drury Greek students have a better college experience. Greek students that remain involved in their chapter also prove to have the advantage because of their upperclassmen mentors and alumni network. Involvement in Greek Life is beneficial for all students throughout their collegiate career. Drury Greek students have a 97% retention rate from freshman to sophomore years and almost a 100% retention rate for the following years. Greek students are more likely to graduate from Drury because of their continued commitment to successful collegiate years and beyond. By joining a Drury Greek chapter, students are encouraged to participate in campus life, make new friends and achieve their personal goals. 

Campus Involvement Support Available
Chapters provide members and new members a variety of involvement & recognition support options to enable students to reach and maintain their campus involvement goals. These support options include encouraging new members to get involved on campus and in the community, partnering new members with upperclassmen of similar majors, faculty/staff/alumni mentors and special workshops to increase involvement understanding and performance.

Campus Involvement Recognition Opportunities
Chapters provide members and new members with multiple opportunities for positive recognition because of their campus and community involvement. From recognition ceremonies and special certificates to special meeting announcements and personal congratulatory contact, each member and new member is recognized as a valued individual contributor to the Greek and Drury community.  This support and recognition encourages each student to reach their full potential and rewards members that have achieved involvement & recognition success. 

Greek Community Leadership Councils
IFC and Panhellenic Council are the governing bodies of Drury fraternities and sororities and promote excellence in academics, community and campus involvement, and brotherhood/sisterhood.  IFC and Panhellenic Council develop and maintain a high level of accomplishment in the Greek community, promote goals and ideals of chapters, promote academic achievement, and cooperate with chapters and the university to promote high social and moral standards.