Standards of Excellence Accreditation Criteria

Purpose: The Standards of Excellence Accreditation Reports exists to provide chapters an opportunity to review Chapter related successes and opportunities within the chapter and to promote and recognize outstanding individual and chapter initiatives. The chapter should assist the Chapter Executive Council in improving the chapter programs and provide relevant resources to be used by chapters and individual members.

Award Levels
Chapters must achieve at least a 60% to achieve an honorable mention level of distinction for Standards of Excellence Accreditation. A silver-level distinction or higher is the recommendation of the Greek Life Office for acceptable achievement.

  • Platinum: 100%
  • Gold: 90%
  • Silver: 80%
  • Bronze: 70%
  • Honorable mention: 60%

Judging Criteria
The reports listed at the bottom of each officer standard web page are part of the standard accreditation plan for Drury Greek Life. Information is collected based on calendar year listed on report. Judges review required sections and additional supporting documentation and make a scoring determination. Scoring for...

  • Full-credit is given if the requirement is fully completed
  • Half-credit is given if the requirement is partially completed
  • Zero-credit is given if the requirement is not completed

Judging Tips
The Standards of Excellence Judging Committee follows basic criteria outlined by the Greek Life Office to audit and score reports from chapters for Standards of Excellence Accreditation. The Greek Life Office values each of these principles listed below to ensure that these Accreditation reports can be used as a development tool for chapters in future years.

  • Make it easy to find: If we can't find it, you don't get credit for it.
  • Make it easy to understand: The judging committee is commonly comprised of Student Affairs and non-Greek professionals. Make sure that anyone can understand what you are describing.
  • Make it true: Any information found to be falsified may immediately disqualify the chapter from accreditation standards in the category. It's more important for the Greek Life office to know successes and opportunities than to have fancy reports of fake information.
  • Provide professional reports: The information submitted in these documents may be used in future text and publications for Greek Life.

Core Value Bonus Credits
The Standard of Excellence Accreditation Judging Committee, reserve the right to adjust the score in any category upward by up to 10% to recognize exceptional use of the Greek Life core values, especially innovation. These adjustments may exceed the stated maximums.