Alumni Connections

Experience supreme connections as a lifetime member of Drury Greek Life. 
As a Greek student at Drury University, lifelong membership is one of the benefits of your Greek experience that extends beyond the collegiate years at Drury University. Many alumni recall their involvement in a Greek organization was as memorable and valuable as their academic pursuits.  These alumni stay connected to the Drury community and become essential contributors of their time, talents and treasure to improve the university and their chapter. And because of the positive alumni involvement, Drury Greek Organizations leave a special mark on Drury’s cultural, social, and intellectual life.

Interact on a Regular Basis
Drury Greek students regularly connect with mentors through their positive, distinctive interactions with chapter alumni and parent groups. Greek alumni and parents continue to be important resources and mentors for collegiate Greek students. Each Greek chapter plans alumni & collegiate connection events on a regular basis. Some activities are annual celebrations and others are spontaneous programs.  By joining a Drury Greek chapter, students are given a jump-start to make meaningful connections with mentors that will positively impact their collegiate and lifelong experience.

Alumni Networking & Mentoring Available
Chapters provide members and new members a variety of alumni networking options to enable students to jump-start and achieve their career and life goals. These support options include personal alumni mentors, special group events with alumni, partnering new members with upperclassmen and alumni of similar majors, faculty/staff/alumni mentors and special workshops to increase career goals, life planning & alumni networking involvement.

Alumni & Collegiate Connections Recognition Opportunities
Chapters provide alumni, members and new members with multiple opportunities for positive connections and recognition. From connection opportunities and networking events to special recognition ceremonies and personal mentoring meetings, each member and new member is recognized as a valued individual contributor to the lifetime Greek community.  This support and recognition encourages each student to reach their full potential and rewards members that have achieved desired involvement, even after graduation.