Board of Trustees: Andi Solaiman

Andi Solaiman graduated from Drury University in 1984 and received his MBA in 1986. He began working with the Salim Group, a highly diversified group of companies with worldwide operations and businesses in Australia, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Middle East, Europe, the United States and Africa.

Solaiman began his career in marketing, was appointed to head the Comptroller Department of the Chemicals Division in the Salim Group and ran the operations of 11 companies before age 32. Solaiman serves the group in his various capacities as a commissioner, chief executive officer, finance director and executive director. He has had a significant role in the development of Salim Group as a global competitor, including mergers, acquisitions and restructuring. He has established mentoring programs within Salim Group to identify and encourage future leaders within the corporation.

Solaiman and Imelda, his wife, have two sons, Reginald and Terrence, both of whom are students at Drury University. They reside in Singapore, Malaysia, and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Despite his hectic schedule of business meetings and travel, Solaiman is actively involved in various social and church activities particularly those in support of pastoral services and congregational needs.