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Screening Candidates

Ideas & tips for evaluating applicants

Human Resources will refer only qualified candidates – those possessing the required education and experience, and skill level (if skill testing is conducted) – to the department for consideration.

If you will be participating in the screening of resumes/applications, here are some steps to follow:

  1. Develop the list of criteria against which all candidates will be evaluated.
  2. Carefully review each candidate’s experience and knowledge, skills and abilities against your criteria.

Here are some things to consider and on which to evaluate:


  • Neatness of printing and completeness of the application


  • A well organized concise cover letter
  • An organized presentation of facts


  • Experience as it relates to the open position
  • Skill competencies
  • Career progression and development
  • Any large gaps in work chronology
  • Results orientation and accomplishments

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