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Posting Staff Job Vacancies

Determining posting & recruitment options

The human resources office oversees the posting of and recruitment for staff positions. Postings for temporary and replacement positions must be approved verbally by the president. New or upgraded positions must be approved in writing via the appropriate requisition form: Requisition For New or Replacement Faculty or Staff Positions or the Requisition For Faculty and Staff Stipends, Increases or Upgraded Positions Form.

Hiring supervisors and human resources will determine the most appropriate form of posting(s). One or more or the following options may be selected:

Departmental Posting:
The hiring supervisor may determine that he/she wishes to post the job vacancy only within his/her department. This is usually done when the vacancy represents a promotion opportunity for existing staff members with fairly specific experience, skills, or knowledge generally obtained by working in that particular department. The minimum time allowed for responses from department members is one week.

Internal Posting:
An internal posting is a job vacancy announcement which is sent to all staff and faculty on the respective listserves, but not posted on the HR jobs webpage. The minimum time allowed for responses is one week. This may be the method chosen if the department would prefer to hire someone who has experience specifically at Drury, rather than consider applicants who don’t.

Drury Webpage Posting:
The hiring supervisor requests that human resources post the position on the Drury website jobs page. The length of time the position is posted varies, but is a minimum of one week. This may or may not be done in conjunction with outside advertising.

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