Michael Thomas
Associate Dean of International Programs
Office: (417) 873-7503

Tom Russo
Director, Study Abroad Programs
Office: (417) 873-7413

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New American Colleges & Universities

Student Exchange Program

About the NAC & U Program

New American Colleges and Universities (NAC & U) offers both domestic and study abroad programs. Drury’s affiliation with NAC & U allows students of all majors and minors to engage in studies offered by campuses nationwide.

Domestic Student Exchange allows students to study a semester at one of twelve campuses within the United States. You can take courses not available at Drury, work through internship programs, engage in community service projects, and enrich your resume. NAC & U will assist you in transferring all academic credits. You will pay tuition directly to Drury. Room and board you pay directly to the host institution along with a $250 fee. Your Federal financial aid will apply. A few of the select campuses available are as follows: North Central College at Chicago, IL; Wagner College at New York, New York; Arcadia University at Philadelphia, PA; and Ithaca College at Washington, DC. You can visit the website listed below for all available campuses and programs.

International Study Abroad spans to numerous locations worldwide. You are challenged to immerse yourself within the culture of your chosen program. NAC & U programs vary in structure, but usually include opportunities for field study, guided travel opportunities, and special projects. Each program has been carefully developed and refined over time by one of our member institutions. Only federal financial aid applies. A few of the Featured Programs are: University of Redlands, students can spend a fall or spring semester in Salzburg, Austria studying literature, art, music, German language, and the European Union; music majors can apply to study “applied music” and will receive private lessons from a member or associate of the world famous Mozarteum; Pacific Lutheran University offers a fall semester study suitable for students interested in Chinese Language and Culture, International Business, Global Studies, Environmental Studies, Economics and Anthropology. Other programs can be found in the Study Abroad sites to NAC & U’s website below.

NAC & U Online

Our affiliation with NAC & U makes both nationwide and global studies possible for our students. You may contact Michael Thomas to answer any questions concerning the program at or (417) 873-7503. His office is located on Drury’s campus in the Findlay Student Center, room 203.

A letter from the Executive Director of New American Colleges and Universities:

Twenty of the most innovative educational institutions nationwide belong to the New American Colleges and Universities consortium. These institutions have long histories of academic excellence and are today recognized in higher education for leading a distinctive movement. It is a movement that combines study in the liberal arts and sciences with professional preparation and civic engagement. Drury University is one of these leaders.

Learning at New American Colleges and Universities extends beyond traditional boundaries of instruction. Your education is enriched through service learning, extracurricular activities, residential life, and community projects. In the classroom and out, you are challenged to think critically, to reflect on what you are learning and to apply that knowledge to real world situations. This commitment to connect theory to practice distinguishes our institutions from most others.

Through short and long term off-campus study opportunities, students at our campuses usually spend time away from their home institution, exploring different geographical, cultural, and educational climates. They graduate with a more confident view of what they can accomplish professionally, knowing that they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to make it happen.

The New American Colleges and Universities Student Exchange is a valuable way to expand your educational and world views. As you explore how, I invite you to contact your ANAC & U representative, Michael Thomas, or me with any questions.

Lynette Robison, Ph.D.
Executive Director
New American Colleges and Universities