The Chocolate University

A collaborative partnership of Askinosie Chocolate, Boyd Elementary, and Drury University.


The Chocolate University will provide a transdisciplinary learning experience to Boyd Elementary students through the lens of artisan chocolate-making.


The Chocolate University will:

  • utilize strategic alliances to provide a programme of inquiry for Boyd Elementary Students.
  • promote students' investigation of sustainable practices that help the planet in general and cacao in particular.
  • ensure students focus on exploration of economic principles.
  • enhance students' connectedness to their neighborhood and world by modeling collaboration among Askinosie Chocolate, Boyd Elementary, and Drury University.
  • generate a multicultural atmosphere where students learn to work together and appreciate their own and others' uniqueness through the study of entrepreneurial creativity.

The Plan

Students will:

  • investigate the entrepreneurial development of Askinosie Chocolate business from cacao bean to premium chocolate.
  • conduct inquiry into economic and personal decisions used in artisan chocolate-making.
  • autonomously learn by building mosaics to signify connections to each other and their neighborhood.
  • conduct personal exploration of who they are by studying the history, culture, peoples, natural resources, and language of the countries from which Askinosie Chocolate buys cacao beans.
  • gain a working knowledge of Drury University campus and its learning resources through activities that explore the University.

The previous information was taken from The Chocolate University brochure put together by Dr. Sharon Price and Bonnie Tabor.