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CGCS student Amanda Woods and Barbara Weathers

Drury University's Barbara Weathers Honored

For Immediate Release: March 6

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SPRINGFIELD ,Mo., March 6, 2009- Drury University's Barbara Weathers was honored by the Missouri House of Representatives with a House Resolution today, March 6, 2009. Barbara was honored for several accomplishments:

  • Considerable distinction as the Director of Outreach Activities for Drury's CGCS since 2006.
  • Initiating the Capitol Internship Program by serving as faculty advisor to CGCS student Amanda Woods
  • Serving as an adjunct Instructor of Communications at Drury since 2002.

Language from the resolution: “Now, therefore, be it resolved that we, the members of the House of Representatives, Ninety-fifth General Assembly, join unanimously to applaud the personal and professional accomplishments garnered thus far in the life and work of Barbara Weathers and to convey to her this legislative body's most heartfelt commendation of her establishing the Drury University Capitol Internship Program; and Be it further resolved that the Chief Clerk of the Missouri House of Representatives be instructed to prepare a properly inscribed copy of this resolution for presentation to Barbara Weathers.”

Congratulations and Happy Barbara Weathers Day!