Summer Pals 2014

Summer Pals Classes

Pre-Kindergarten Courses

Kindergarten Courses
Grade 1 will be considered

Grade 1 Courses

Pre-Kindergarten Courses

Penguins, Polar Bears and Seals…Oh My!

Come waddle and hop – slide and glide into the icy cold Antarctic regions.  Discover how penguins, seals, walruses, whales and many more Antarctic animals live.  Join us in a journey through Antarctica as we discover this icy continent!

Instructor: Shannon Yarnell, K-4 Teacher, Kids Korner Pre-School

Miss Janet's Country Kitchen

Be a chef for a week!  Everyone will be active.  We will learn about traditions of four different countries.  Then we will read, do origami, make kimonos, play with jumping beans, and learn a few words in each language.  If you like to eat, cook, and learn fun things, then this class is for you. 

Instructor: Janet Carter, Marshfield Schools

Kindergarten Courses

Knights, Castles & Dragons

We will explore the world of knights, ladies and chivalry in a hands-on and interesting way by addressing the architecture, science, art, daily life, music, foods, literature, and geography of the Middle Ages leading into the Renaissance.  We will investigate dragons and discoveries from these times.

Instructor: Claire Cobb, Springfield Schools

Ocean Commotion

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the ocean’s waves?  Well, put on your scuba gear and get ready to dive through the ocean layers, past amazing sea creatures, and into the abyss. We will be explorers under the ocean and learn about sharks, dolphins, jellyfish, and more.  An exciting aquatic adventure awaits you!

Instructor: Yvonne Hunziker, Second Grade Teacher, Republic Schools


Do revolting topics excite you? Do you enjoy ruining your family’s dinner conversation with questions about parasites, fungi, or earwax? Have you wondered where snot originates?  With field trips, speakers, and experiments, we will answer questions ranging from where toilet water goes to what parasites eat for lunch.

Instructor: Dr. Tara Herring, Missouri State University

Grade 1 Courses

Play Around the World

The pilot is ready for takeoff as soon as you show your passport.  Get ready to cook and eat many new foods.  We will create our travel souvenirs, and enjoy the traditional songs and dances from each country we visit.  Keep those binoculars handy for the safaris and tropical jungle adventures.  Hear those drums?  It's the beat for our Dragon Dance in China.  Your travel will be guided by two expert tour guides.  Join us as we experience culture from around the world.  Adios!

Instructors: Vicky Scott, Music Teacher Holland & Cowden, Karla Moore, Second Grade Teacher, Cowden Elementary in Springfield

Dinosaurs Alive!

Dino are not extinct in this class.  Excavate dinosaur bones just like a real paleontologist!  Travel with us with us to the hillside above Riverbluff Cave to search for sea fossils and talk to a paleontologist. FEE=$10

Instructor: Mona Gist, Springfield Schools