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Organizational Guidelines for Staff Advisory Council

Purposes of the Staff Advisory Council


  1. Facilitate communication among staff and University administration about interests, concerns, and issues that affect staff and the institution as a whole
  2. Define and analyze issues and make recommendations for consideration by the President and the Management Team
  3. Represent the interests of staff
  4. Promote the role of staff in the achievement of the mission of the University
  5. Foster a spirit of cooperation among staff and facilitate continually improving University operations
  6. Provide events and opportunities that enhance the working environment of the University


  1. All regular full-time and part-time staff members who have at least one year of continuous service are eligible for election to the Staff Advisory Council (SAC).
  2. SAC will be comprised of fifteen voting members and two non-voting ex-officio members (A member of Human Resources and the immediate past chair of the Council).
  3. The fifteen voting members will be elected according to their assignment division.  The number of voting representatives that are assigned to each division will be determined by the proportion of staff serving in the following divisions:

    • Academic Affairs (2)
    • Administrative Services (2)
    • Student Affairs (2)
    • CGCS (2)
    • Campus Operations & Sustainability (3)
    • Enrollment Management (2)
    • Combined Areas of Alumni & Development, President’s Office, Web Services, and Athletics (2)

    The membership allocation will be recalculated as of March 1 annually.

  4. Members will serve two-year terms and may not serve more than two consecutive terms.  A system of staggered terms on the council assures continuity.
  5. Elections will be held during the month of April of each year, with terms for new SAC members starting in June.
  6. In the event the status of a member of the Staff Advisory Council changes during their two-year term, these procedures will be followed:

    • Moves to Another Division:  If a SAC member moves to a staff position in another division within the first year of their term, the division represented will be called upon to elect a new member to complete the term.  If the move occurs in the second year of their term, the SAC member will complete the remaining time left in their term.

    • Leaves Drury:  If a SAC member leaves Drury within the first year and a half of their term, the division represented will be called upon to elect a new member to complete the term.  If the departure occurs in the final six months of their two-year term, the SAC member will not be replaced until the annual election in April.

    • Resignation from SAC:  If a SAC member is unable to complete their term on the Staff Advisory Council, the procedures outlined in the “Leaves Drury” section will be followed.


  1. The Staff Advisory Council will meet monthly.  The day and time will be determined by SAC members at the June meeting.
  2. Members will elect a chairperson, vice-chair, recorder, and treasurer within the first two meetings after elections have been held.
  3. Duties of officers:


    • Preside over meetings
    • Prepare meeting agendas
    • Act as spokesperson for the Council
    • Create ad hoc committees
    • Represent the interests and concerns of the Council to the President, Management Team, and campus community


    • Assume duties of Chairperson in the absence of, or at the request of the Chairperson


    • Take minutes at meetings, prepare for review by Council members, and make minutes available for staff community review


    • Responsible for maintaining the SAC budget, reports budgetary status to council each month, handles payment of invoices, prepares check requests, reimbursements, etc.  The treasurer must sign off on all expenditures prior to processing them for payment.  In the absence of the Recorder, takes minutes at meetings and prepares them for council review
  4. Council officers will serve one year terms.  No person may hold the same office for two consecutive terms.
  5. A quorum consisting of a majority of the Council members will be required to conduct business.  A simple majority will be necessary to carry a vote.
  6. Action items must be included on the agenda in order to be voted on at a meeting.
  7. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson as needed.
  8. Service to, and participation in SAC is recognized as a valuable contribution to the University.  Members of SAC will be provided with release time to attend SAC meetings.


  1. To make every effort to attend all regularly scheduled meetings
  2. To solicit and communicate staff concerns from the member’s division
  3. To vote on motions made in SAC meetings.
  4. To communicate issues discussed and actions taken by the SAC to staff in the member’s division