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Fort Leonard Wood & St. Robert Annex Financial Affairs

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Payment Policy

Semester statements covering tuition and fees are normally sent two weeks before the first day of class each semester. No student will be officially registered unless payment or satisfactory deferred payment arrangements have been made in advance of the start of classes. Student account balances which become past due will result in notification from the director of financial services for official withdrawal from future classes.

Students with any prior semester balance will not be permitted to register for subsequent semesters. All delinquent accounts will be subject to a charge of one percent interest per month, legal fees, and collection costs.

Students who have failed to comply with payment policies in any semester may be denied the opportunity to register for future semesters and may be denied the opportunity to participate in deferred payment plans. Students should become familiar with the deferred payment policy of Drury University and our withdrawal refund policy. All questions or requests should be addressed to:

Drury University
Fort Leonard Wood & St. Robert Annex Office
Attn: Financial Affairs
194 Eastlawn Avenue, Suite C
St. Robert, MO 65584

Phone: (573) 451-2400

Deferred Payment Policy

It is the intention of the Drury University deferred payment policy to provide the means whereby Drury students are able to pay tuition and fees over time. Drury offers a deferred payment plan to its students. A tuition contract is required of all students who wish to participate in a Deferred Payment Plan. Tuition contracts must be submitted for approval to the university on or before the first day of the semester.

Payment Plan D is described below. The dates may vary from semester to semester. An administrative fee of $20 per month will be charged for processing a late payment. Tuition is due in full by the first day of class. Students who do not submit a satisfactory payment plan will be assessed a $40 processing fee per month until such time as a satisfactory payment arrangement is approved and/or all tuition is paid in full. Any balance not covered by an approved payment plan will be assessed interest at one percent per month on the unpaid balance, or 12 percent per annum. Any collection cost or legal fees incurred in collecting an account will be the responsibility of the student.

Payment Plan D:

Fall / Spring
Semester Amount Due
First day of the semester
50% of total tuition due
30 days after the first day
25% of remaining
of the semester balance due
60 days after the first day
Remaining balance due
of the semester

The above program includes a $20 fee for deferred payment. Payment Plan D requires that the responsible party sign a Payment Plan Contract each semester. Payment Plan D is not available for summer school.

Official Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from courses will be allowed a refund of tuition according to the schedule below. All refunds are calculated from the date of the application for withdrawal filed with the registrar. No other notice will suffice. Nonattendance of classes does not constitute official withdrawal. Applicable refunds for students receiving federal and/or state financial aid will be calculated in reference to the student’s date of notification of withdrawal, last date of academic attendance, or the midpoint of the period.

The responsibility for initiating and completing the withdrawal process with the appropriate university office rests with the student. The first day of classes constitutes the beginning of the semester for tuition refund. For courses that are scheduled out of sequence of the regular fall, spring, and summer semesters, the day published as the first day of the semester or term constitutes the beginning of the course for tuition refund purposes.

(8 Weeks)
Prior to first day
During first 5 days
During second 5 days
During third 5 days
After third 5 days

* Summer 9-week Term - 50% refund

If a student has an unpaid account with the university, any tuition refund due from withdrawal will be applied to such unpaid accounts.

Each year the university publishes a calendar guide for institutional refunds and complies with the Return of Title IV Funds policy for federal programs. Students should become familiar with the guide each semester or term, and must remember that credit courses that are less than a regular term in duration follow the refund schedule for the full semester or term in which they are taught, regardless of the start date of instruction.

The refund policy for noncredit conferences, institutes, seminars and community services courses is a 100 percent refund if the official withdrawal occurs prior to the first day of instruction.

Student Billings

The university normally mails bills on approximately August 1 for the fall semester and January 2 for the spring semester. Charges
are explained in detail and due dates for remittance are indicated.

We believe that when the importance of timely tuition/fees payment is understood and when students understand Drury’s willingness
to arrange an individually appropriate payment plan, it will not be necessary to penalize students for nonpayment. If charges are not met, however, the university has no choice but to pursue the steps necessary for resolution. It’s only fair to advise students of consequences of the following actions:

Failure to return financial aid award acceptance by announced deadlines.

• Money will be given to another student immediately.

Failure to make initial payment for semester tuition.

• Course registration is incomplete.
• Course spaces may be given to another student.
• Campus services not available.

Failure to meet appropriate payment dates.

• The total bill becomes due and payable immediately. An administrative cost of $20 will be charged for processing a late payment. Interest at the rate of a 12 percent annual effective rate will accrue on the outstanding balance due from the date of the missed payment until the account is paid in full. Any collection costs or legal fees incurred in collecting an account will be the responsibility of the student. The privilege of deferred payments in subsequent semesters may not be permitted.

Outstanding balance from a previous semester. Until the balance is paid, the student will not be allowed to:

• Register for any subsequent semester.
• Obtain a transcript of academic work.
• Participate in graduation ceremonies.

Audit a Class

Drury Alumni:

Graduates of Drury bachelor degree programs are invited to register on an audit basis for one undergraduate course per semester or summer session at no cost. This service to graduates is offered on a space-available basis after registration of degree-seeking students. Some courses, such as student teaching and teacher aiding, cannot be completed on an audit basis and are therefore excluded from this alumni program. In offering free enrollment to Drury graduates, it is assumed that no outstanding debts are owed to the university.

Non-Degree Seeking Students:

A non-degree seeking student can take an undergraduate course for $79 per credit hour instead of $176. They do not receive a grade, are not required to take tests and there are no consequences for non-attendance.