About the Pre-Health Sciences Programs

The Drury University Pre-Health Science Programs offers a wide variety of pre-health science programs for entering students. Possibilities include:

We studied the top post-baccalaureate schools in the Midwest region to create undergraduate courses of study in the pre-health science that best prepare students for careers in health and are compatible with graduate school admission requirements. There is a core curriculum shared by all the pre-health sciences programs, but the courses of study then expand to include a variety of courses from numerous academic disciplines, particularly those related to the student's selected pre-health sciences program. Most pre-health science students are Biology or Chemistry majors, but pre-health science students are not required to major in the sciences and are encouraged to pursue any major of their choice. The liberal arts atmosphere at Drury ensures students are well-rounded, and electives built in to each track enable the pursuit of individual interests.

CoxHealth CEO Steve Edwards Keynote at Health Professions Day 2012