Kathy Carroll
Chair of Exercise & Sport Science Department
Associate Professor Exercise & Sport Science
Office: (417) 873-6897

Exercise Physiology Special Program

The exercise physiology program is an opportunity for interdisciplinary study offered through the exercise and sport science department. This program incorporates a selection of courses from the natural sciences division. All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses:

BIOL 171: Scientific Endeavors
BIOL 172: Exploring Molecular Bi ology
BIOL 205: Human Anatomy
BIOL 206: Human Physiology
CHEM 115-L: General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 115: General Chemistry**
EXSP 210: First Aid
EXSP 216: Weight Training
EXSP 226: Aerobic Fitness
EXSP 228: Applied Statistics in Exercise & Sport Science*
EXSP 302: Principles of Human Nutrition
EXSP 303: Kinesiology
EXSP 311: History and Principles of Exercise & Sport Science
EXSP 330: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
EXSP 345: Wellness and Health Promotion
EXSP 350: Exercise Physiology
EXSP 351: Exercise Prescription Cardiac Rehabilitation
EXSP 493: Senior Seminar
EXSP 497, 498: Internship
PHYS 201: Principles of Physics**
PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology

Choose one from the following:
EXSP 317: Socio-Psychological Aspects of Exercise & Sport Science
EXSP 331: Motor Learning

*MATH 227 Introduction to Statistics or CRIM/PSYC/SOCI 275 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences will fulfill this statistics requirement

**It is recommended that students planning to attend graduate school in exercise physiology or physical therapy school also take CHEM 238 Inorganic Chemistry with CHEM 238-L Lab and possibly CHEM 315 Organic Chemistry with CHEM 315-L Lab. Also, students planning on attending physical therapy school should take PHYS 211 and 212, not 201.