Greek Week

Greek Week is a highly anticipated annual event on Drury’s campus. Greek Week brings members of all Greek chapters for one week of fun. The activities change each year, although certain Greek Week traditions remain year after year. The Greeks bring their competitive spirit in full force, sometimes even creating chapter committees for the week! Greek Week 2014 brought Greeks together with Survivor-themed activities, including banner painting and a Survivor Games event. Greeks could gain extra points by finding highly coveted squirrel-shaped "idols" around campus.  The week ended with the annual Greek Gods & Goddesses Pageant and the Greek Excellence Awards.

The 2014-2015 academic year will bring exciting changes for Greek Week.  Fall 2014 will debut Drury's first fall semester Greek Week, allowing chapters to be more involved in a less hectic time.

We love seeing the chapters come together in this Greek tradition, and we can’t wait for the first Fall Greek Week!

Past Greek Week Winners