Mandy Seaman
Associate Director of Web Communications
Office: (417) 873-6956

Meet the Web Communications Team

Web Communications designs, codes and maintains the University's web site, allowing faculty, staff, students and the public to disseminate and access online content in a variety of ways.

Mandy Seaman Mandy Seaman, M.A., Associate Director

Mandy's responsibilities include strategy, project management, social media, and developing Drury's overall online content strategy, including maintaining style & consistency and site navigation.

Mandy earned a B.S. in Journalism and an M.A. in Communication from Missouri State University.

Chelsea Sears

Chelsea Sears, M.A., Web Editor

Chelsea is responsible for the content of the Drury University website, primarily working with offices and departments to ensure that content is accurate, timely and informative.

Chelsea attended Missouri State University where she earned a B.S. in Media Studies and a M.A. in Communications. She enjoys cooking, watching movies, reading, and taking her dachshund Louie on walks.

grub John Dozier, B.A., Web Designer

John oversees the design of the website, as well as design and style of all of Drury's online communications.

John graduated from Drury in 2012 with a B.A. in Design Arts.

Jordan Mason Jordan Mason, B.A., Web Developer

Jordan's responsibilities include overseeing web development, database administration, and the management of web-based systems.

Jordan, known as "Rue" within the Web Communications office, is from Reeds Spring, Missouri. His favorite sport is basketball, with his favorite team being the Duke Blue Devils.

fred Liz Penfold, Student Content Specialist

Liz's responsibilities include updating content pages and some creation of content found on the Drury website. She also serves as the office scapegoat.

Liz goes by the alias Fred.

agent Taylor Johnson, Student Development Support Specialist

Taylor's responsibilities to Drury Web Communications support web development efforts, including email forms and organizing server files.

Taylor goes by the nickname "Agent" in the office.

finch Laura Haskell, Student Digital Content Specialist

Laura's responsibilities include recording and conducting video interviews for website features. She also takes photographs for the website.

Around the office, Laura goes by the name Finch.


Web Communications is also assisted in its mission by numerous Student IT Coordinators placed in the University's various departments. Their work in maintaining each area is invaluable.