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About the Theme

A person’s ability to think, function, express opinions and connect with others may be more closely tied to overall wellness than we think.

We are all born into essentially the same human body. Try as we may to escape or rationalize it, the reality is the same for all of us: Our lives are finite, with a beginning and an end. What we eat and drink, how we condition our bodies for exercise and exertion, how we rest, manage our stress, navigate our interpersonal relationships – these things and many others have a direct impact on our human ability to process information, express ourselves, succeed, make friends and handle everything life throws our way.

The Drury community makes it a priority to, “commit to a university culture of wellness.” As part of this institutional commitment, for Theme Year 2013-2014, we focus on the university’s holistic approach to wellness and examine a broad range of topics currently influenced by wellness. The topics will center on the moral obligation to be a well citizen and the economic impact on lifestyle choices.