Dr. Cathy Blunk Continues Medieval Research

Dr. Cathy Blunk, Assistant Professor of French, had an opportunity to get medieval this summer as she continued her research on textual and codicological representations of tournaments in late medieval narrative. Examining romances, chronicles, chivalric biographies, and other  tournament accounts written in fifteenth-century French-speaking courts in the archives in Florence, Rome, Brussels, London, and Paris this past summer meant a deeper analysis of these texts,  in particular a type of fifteenth-century tournament, the pas d’armes. In July 2015 she also presented a paper at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, England, in which she demonstrated how this research might help to determine whether  jousts held in the city of Nancy in the mid-fifteenth century constituted, in fact, a pas d’armes. Continued research on this type of joust has been fulfilling as research is still necessary. The time spent researching the surviving documents, the meeting with other medievalists in an international setting, and a special viewing of a fourteenth-century tournament saddle at the Leeds Armoury helped confirm her interest in this field of study.