Marketing & Communications

Guidelines for Emailing Students

In an effort to reserve student email for critical information, new communication guidelines have been established that will be included in both the faculty and staff handbooks.


  • Only critical, need to know information is to be emailed to students.

Only approved departmental accounts will have the ability to send emails to student lists. Departments and point of contacts are as follows:

Point Person
Email Address
Phone extension
Marline Faherty Academic Affairs 7225
Cindy Fiedler Academic Advising 7275
Christie Garrison Administrative Services 7200
Teresa Skidmore Alumni & Development 7217
Ben Fisher Campus Recreation 7280
Emily Buckmaster Career Planning & Development 7257
Aaron Jones CCPS 6829
Jonna Shepardson Facilities Services 7404
Crystal Ponder Human Resources 6836
Cindy Jones Records & Registration 7466
Sarene Deeds Safety & Security 6878
Jennifer Stewart Student Affairs 7215
Jill Holmes Student Financial Services 7863
Albert Rauch Technology Services 7300
Holly Binder Housing 7654
Val Serafimov Information Systems 7262
Courtney Swan Student Development 7809
Donna Hanley President's Office 7201
Andrew Goodall Student Government Association 6871
Hope Russell Student Activities/Greek Life 3061
  • In the event that you have mission-critical information to disseminate to all students, please contact one of the aforementioned departments and request their assistance in disseminating your information.
  • If you have information that will need to be sent out more than once a month, please contact a Student Communications Committee member to be considered for access to the student email lists.

Student Communications Committee Members

    • Andrea Battaglia
    • Marline Faherty
    • Jann Holland
    • Tammy Nilsen
    • Melody Sanders
    • Dan Watson
  • If you would like to communicate non-critical information to students, please utilize the following communication platforms:
    • D.Cal: first and foremost, please put your event information on D.Cal, the university’s new event calendaring system. It can be accessed from your computer or your mobile phone. Students will be encouraged to visit D.Cal regularly for all event information. So if you want your event to be seen, put it on D.Cal! View D.Cal at
      • If you cancel your event, you do not need to send an email. Rather, change the status of your event in D.Cal to “cancelled” and everyone will know!
    • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter): 38+ areas of campus have registered sites where you can post a message. Go to for a list of Drury registered sites and the administrative contact for each.
    • Department sections of
    • MyDrury
    • Blackboard
    • Dorm TV and the Commons projector (send PowerPoint to
    • Campus bulletin boards, chalk on sidewalks, table tents (Requires prior approval from Dean of Students. Please, no fluorescent paper on tables in Commons.)
    • Drury Mirror (send events to
    • Community calendar updates (News-Leader, TV stations, 417 magazine, KSMU,

We maintain eight student lists for official university communication.  These lists are deleted and recreated two weeks in to the Fall and Winter semesters and are good for general communication, but may not be right for every situation.  If you require a more targeted audience, your message does not fit one of these lists, or these lists are out of date at the time of your message, please see this procedure for creating a mail merge with EX.

DayStudentUGrad1Fresh - All day school Freshmen.

DayStudentUGrad2Soph - All day school Sophomores.

DayStudentUGrad3Junior - All day school Juniors.

DayStudentUGrad4Senior - All day school Seniors and Super Seniors.

DayStudentUGrad - This Listserv list contains all undergrad day students.  It is a compilation of all four of the DayStudentUGradXY lists mentioned above.

DayStudentUGradNonRes - All day school students living off campus.

DayStudentUGradRes - All day school students living on campus.

StudentCCPSAll - All CCPS Students.