Outline Schedule

This schedule allows 12 weeks from planning to distribution. As each stage can take longer than you expect, it's a good idea to leave more time than you think you need.


Time Needed

Plan publication with colleagues/department (size, number of pages, who to write text, illustrations/photographs needed, who to design/lay out, etc)

1 week min

Commission sample design and confer with the Design and Branding Team
  • Get costing and confirm dates with the printer

1 week min

Write text and secure images

1-2 weeks

Proof content with colleagues/department

1 week

Send to designer

1-2 weeks to design/lay out

1st page proofs back from design:
  • Proofread
  • Circulate to interested parties

1 week min to check and make corrections

Designer to make corrections

1 week

2nd proofs back from design - check again!

3 days

Designer to make final corrections

3 days

Design and Branding Team to sign off on artwork 2 days, with advance notice

Final artwork ready for printer - send to print

1-2 weeks


Deadline date

Make sure they arrive in plenty of time before the deadline. Check them thoroughly before sending them out, and let Don Ameye know if there are any printing problems.