Student: Mary Ling

MBA Graduation Year 2016

Human Resources Coordinator for Positronic

My responsibilities at Positronic center around creating Global Human Resources, supporting the HR departments around the world in 6 continents, and supporting the Corporate and Executive teams.

How has the Drury MBA program directly benefited you in your work situation:

The Drury MBA program has taught me to evaluate situations with a leadership mindset, understand the depths of our markets, and create business plans for moving a company in the right direction. The Drury MBA program has allowed me to meet local businesses people and students who want to pursue a career in our same industries and fields.

Advice you would give to a student considering the program: If you want to learn more about working in team settings, this program will help you. When you work as a team with people from all over the world, out of all types of original fields of studies, and all types of industries, the knowledge becomes more than what is just learned in a classroom.

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