Institute for Mature Learning

Welcome to the Institute for Mature Learning!

Our goal is to provide courses in various academic areas in order to promote a continuing education for seniors. We believe that learning never ceases no matter what age. The Drury University Institute for Mature Learning has met on the campus of Drury since the fall of 1995 with two or more classes each week. Subjects and presenters are chosen by our own curriculum committee. Senior learners over 50 are invited to attend courses offered. IML is also a part of the wider Learning in Retirement Network.

Drury University’s Institute for Mature Learning offers classes on Tuesdays for people 50 and older. The curriculum appeals to a variety of interests including past seminars to explore local electoral politics to a field trip to a local winery.

For further information please contact us at (417) 873-6952 or e-mail at