Current Offerings

Presentations for September - November 2017

Unless otherwise indicated, presentations are held every Tuesday from 2-3 p.m. in the Olin Room (lower level) of the DU Olin Library. The IML does not meet during the months of January, August or December.

September 5 - Habitat for Humanity
Nancy S. Williams, Partner Services Director

Learn all about Habitat for Humanity; how we started, what we do, how we do it and why. 

September 12 - Community Driven
Scott Harvey, News Director, KSMU Radio

In addition to an informational session about KSMU, Harvey will ask for those in attendance to participate in a feedback exercise that will help improve their coverage. 

September 19 - SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging
Juli Jordan, Director of Marketing & Development 

Jordan will provide information on local programs that provide assistance for older adults and those who care for them, including mobility assistance, meal plans, individual counseling, respite care and much more.

September 26 - Essential History Expeditions
Dr. Brian M. DeToy

Join Dr. DeToy as we navigate the interconnected histories of Vietnam and America. This travelogue will take us from the end of WWII through the Vietnam War and on to the closer economic and diplomatic ties of today.

October 3 - Olin Library Collection
Jacqueline Tygart, Associate Librarian & Art Collection Curator

Drury University has amassed a wide variety of artworks over the years and caring for such a collection is both a challenge and an honor. Tygart will share some of what she has discovered over the past five years while managing the collection.

October 10* - History Museum on the Square
John Sellars, Executive Director 

Sellars will share the progress of the Museum and upcoming opening date, while providing us a glimpse at what the Museum will be able to to offer its visitors.

*Business meeting preceding speaker

October 17 - "Missouri Rivers" 
Bob Korpella and Bob Raney

Korpella and Raney are Missouri Master Naturalists. Enjoy exquisite photos by Bob Korpella and original songs by Bob Raney as they share their expertise and enjoyment of Missouri’s outdoors.

October 24 - Nathaniel Boone
Dr. Elizabeth Sobel, Professor of Anthropology, Missouri State University 

Dr. Sobel will present on Nathaniel Boone and an excavation by her students of artifacts from the 1800s found at the Boone homestead, located in northwest Greene County.

October 31 - Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
Cherrie Mann

Mann has been a volunteer at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield for over 30 years, and she now creates reenactment clothing of the period. She will bring ball gowns and other clothing she has created.

November 7 - "So You Want to Go for a Walk" 
Debbie Good

Good is a senior citizen long-distance hiker. Hear of her adventures before, during and after embarking on one of these long-distance hikes.

November 14 - Genealogical Society of the Ozarks
Patricia Hobbs

Genealogists are using DNA testing to discover ancestors that traditional research has failed to disclose. This presentation will discuss the types of DNA testing and how they can be used to uncover ancestors.

November 21* - Hy-Vee Nutrition
Hy-Vee Nutritionist 

A Hy-Vee Nutritionist will present: “How to Eat for Easing Inflammation (anti-inflammation)” and “Healthy Snacking.” There will be pairings of foods and they will be distributed for everyone to sample.

Offsite presentation
1720 W. Battlefield Rd.

November 28 - "Fake" News
Dr. Jonathan Groves, Associate Professor of Communication, Drury University

Groves will discuss how to determine what you are reading or hearing is accurate, may be accurate or bogus.