Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Computer Science Major

The computer science program at Drury is designed to prepare students for careers in computer programming. The minor in computer science allows students to combine their study of software development with majors in their desired areas of application, preparing the students for various professional positions that involve computer programming as a component.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

CSCI 241: Discrete Mathematics
CSCI 251: Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI 261: Data Structures
CSCI 262: Algorithms
CSCI 277: Web and Mobile Application Development
CSCI 351: Programming Languages
CSCI 355: Database
CSCI 371: Software Engineering
CSCI 489: Research and Development

Choose one of the following (3 hours)
CSCI 331: Operating Systems
CSCI 361: Computer Organization

Choose one of the following (3 hours)
CSCI 453: Formal Language Theory
CSCI 454: Compiler Theory

PHYS 215: Electronics

Mathematics majors may replace MATH 234 with CSCI 241 and CSCI 262.

Students interested in graduate school in computer science are encouraged to complete a minor in mathematics, including linear algebra and differential equations. Graduate study in analysis of algorithms and the study of computability theory require an advanced understanding of mathematics.