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Faculty Memories

We all know Drury faculty are brilliant scholars, innovative teachers and gifted mentors, but there's often more to the story.

Drag the appropriate professor to the matching number below.

1. His philosophical questions might make you scratch your head, but ____________'s noggin is often covered by a New York Yankees baseball cap.

2. This expert communicator is also fluent in ukulele. Not sure? Might want to ask your D'Addy about ____________.

3. It's no myth or tall tale that ____________, still an active runner, once held the title of fastest woman in Springfield.

4. His wife is from Japan, and even this prof's pets enjoy a global perspective. ____________'s two cats are named after famous manga characters.

5. Let me paint a picture for you: you might spot____________ wearing a traditional beefeater style cap on graduation day, to tip her hat to medieval times.

6. Known for a potpourri of projects on Drury's stages, ____________once danced onstage with Elvis in Las Vegas and Hawaii.

7. ____________ publishes under a penname that she won't reveal, though we've heard it rhymes with "Shmaykay Shmowling" (that last part is actually not true at all).

8. Avid auto collector ____________ currently owns 9 cars and they each have names. Who could it be? The suspense is (in the) building...

9. This retired professor might have helped you mind your grammar Ps & Qs, but _____________ is also known for his BBQs.

10. This doc wore many hats on campus and off. Local PBS viewers may recall ____________'s burning question: "Phone bank, what time is it?"

Congratulations! You know your docs!