Validation of Service Hours
  for Group Service Projects


1. Do I need to submit a group or individual form?
a. Group forms are for groups completing a service ( ex. Smith Club cleaning streets as a group)
b. Individual forms are for individuals completing a service even if he/she is part of a group

2. What counts as service?
a. Direct Service
b. Internships?- only if they are unpaid and with a not-for-profit or public good organization (ex. Hospital)
c. Philanthropy and Fundraising? Yes (ex. Dine out nights or Dance Marathon)
d. Awareness events? Yes (ex. Letter writing Campaign, Hunger Banquet, or Sleep out)

3. Helpful Tips:
a. Fill out the form completely!
b. Round to the nearest quarter of an hour (ex. 3.75 = 3 hr, 45 min.)
c. Use a sentence or less to explain what you did as a service under Service Activities (ex. Sorted incoming clothing). If possible, identify if the project was direct service, fundraising, or an awareness project.
d. Contact Person cannot be yourself or someone within your group. Please provide a faculty sponsor or an organization leader that can verify your services.
e. You must provide a contact phone number or email for your service site supervisor.  The office of Community Outreach & Leadership will use this information to verify your service with the community partner.

Completed Example Form

Student Group Information:
Student Group Name:
Contact Person:
Email Address of Contact Person:
Community Agency/Organization Information:
Name of Organization:
Contact Person:
Contact Number:
Contact Email:
Dates of Service:
Type of Service Project
(choose all that apply):
Underrepresented Groups
Poverty Situations
Animal Welfare
Senior Citizens
Health Care
Human Rights
Disaster Response
Domestic Violence/Abuse
Special Needs/Disability Services
Description of Group Service Project:
Full Name of Participant Drury ID Drury Email Hours of Service Year in School
Group's Total Hours of Service:
Consent and Acknowledgement: Electronic Signature
By checking this box I certify that all volunteer hours reported are accurate and honestly recorded and Drury may confirm this through the agency contact person. Also, I understand that falsification may result in disciplinary action by the university. If you have any questions, please contact Leadership & Volunteer Development at (417) 873-6803.