Co-Curricular Service-Learning Reflection Form

This form is due by November 1st (for students registered for Engaged Learning in the Fall) or April 8th (for students registered in the Spring) unless students have made other arrangements.

We want you to be reflective and thoughtful so please take your time. Please feel free to discuss these questions with your advisor, supervisor, or other Drury personnel, who will be happy to help you reflect and organize your thoughts and responses. You cannot save this form so please write your responses in another document and paste them in to the text boxes. If a question does not apply, type N/A in that text box.

Before you begin, it may be helpful to review the co-curricular service-learning proposal you submitted as well as the co-curricular service-learning criteria.

After you complete the reflection form, it will be submitted to your supervisor and the Engaged Learning Committee. At the end of the semester, an S/U grade will be submitted.

**Enter all emails correctly. Incorrect email addresses will result in an incomplete reflection form.

Student Name:
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Year in School:
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Academic Advisor
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Project Supervisor (This is the person you report to on your project or who advises your organization):
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Brief Answers:
1. Describe your service-learning experience:
2. List the community agency/organization that benefited and describe the agency’s purpose/mission?:

3. What were your key roles and responsibilities?
4. How many hours of service did you complete?
5. How did your service help the agency/organization in meeting their mission?
6. What were the main community issue(s) you strived to address/engaged in? Check all that apply:


Animal Welfare
Disaster Response
Domestic Violence
Health Care
Human Rights
Senior Citizens
Special Needs/Disability Support
Underrepresented Groups
Other (specify)

7. Was this experience tied to any other requirements (course, etc...)?

Please answer each of the following questions in a paragraph or more, and address all parts of each question:

8. How was the relationship with your community partner mutually beneficial?
9. What did you learn about the community? How did your service-learning experience challenge your prior assumptions about the community? Think specifically about what you learned about working with people who are different from you (in age, race, socioeconomic background, and so on)?
10. What progress did you make on each of your learning objectives from your initial proposal? How did you meet them? Are there some objectives you are still trying to meet? What plans, if any, to you have to meet them?
11. What was the most meaningful aspect of this service-learning project?
12. Discuss the biggest challenge you faced and what you learned from facing that challenge. What worked and what would you do differently?
13. Will you stay connected to the community issues you have been engaging?
14. What role does service play in being an effective leader?
  Submit your completed Reflection Form. You should receive a confirmation email confirming your submission. If you do not receive email confirmation, your Reflection Form did not go through. Contact Web Communications at with technical difficulties.