Law Enforcement Studies Certificate

Upon completion of the academy, students will receive a Law Enforcement Studies Certificate and 24 college credit hours will be awarded. These hours meet 24 of the 62 required hours for the Associate of Science in Law Enforcement Degree Program offered at Drury University . The remaining classes are offered both online and seated for you to complete the degree program.

The 24 hours are applied towards the following courses:

LEA 0200 Basic Peace Officer Training I (3 Hours)
LEA 0210 Basic Peace Officer Training II (3 Hours)
LEA 0211 Basic Peace Officer Training III (3 Hours)
LEA 0282 Defense Tactics for Peace Officers (3 Hours)
LEA 0283 Fundamentals of Fireman Marksmanship (3 Hours)
LEA 0284 Professionalism/Ethics in Law Enforcement (3 Hours)
LEA 0285 Foundations of Law Enforcement Leadership (3 Hours)
LEA 0293 Basic Peace Officer Training IV (3 Hours)