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EAP & ESL Information for International Students

International students with TOEFL scores below 197 (computer-based test) or 530 (paper-based test) - but higher than 157 (computer) or 480 (paper) - may be admitted to Drury on a conditional basis. These students will focus on English study by taking English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses for at least one semester in order to gain the language level required to succeed in all their studies at Drury University. Students receive credit toward their degree for all EAP courses. A typical EAP class schedule would include English as Second Language (ESL) courses in Grammar, Reading, American English Pronunciation, and Writing and Research. Every EAP student at Drury University is assigned to a trained English language tutor. These tutors, who are Drury Students, meet with EAP students on a daily basis to help with homework, provide conversation practice, and advise students on American culture and campus life. The EAP Support Center's Computer Laboratory also provides tutoring for Drury's international students at all levels of study.Additionally, qualified conditional students may also enroll in English courses beyond the EAP and ESL curriculum with the approval of the EAP Director.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jill Burkindine, EAP Director, at (417) 873-6928 or