Engaged Residential Living

The College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences is unique at Drury in having three academically themed residential experiences for students to apply to. All four of these experiences are high-impact, allowing student-residents the ability to truly immerse in discussions and activities at the heart of their own majors and fields of interest. 

The Humanities House
At the core, the Humanities House is about making connections, engaging students, and reaching out to communities. It all starts with our basic belief that immersion in the Humanities helps a person become more passionate, open-minded, empathetic, critical, and intellectually creative. These are the kinds of qualities and habits of mind, we believe, that are crucial to achieving excellence in one’s personal, professional, and social life. More about the Humanities House

Foreign Languages House
Four undergraduate students will be selected for the Foreign Languages House, a dynamic semi-immersion experience designed to provide language students and native speakers of French and Spanish with additional cultural and linguistic opportunities as they learn about and interact with students, faculty, and community members from countries around the world.

The Social Justice House
The Drury Social Justice House will bring together students from across disciplinary boundaries who are passionate about creating a more just society. House residents will learn through experience, cooperating with community organizations dedicated to social justice and hosting events to promote social justice.