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Our Strategic Goals, 2013 - 2016

In order to promote our vision and mission in alignment with our values and commitments, the Center has focused its attention on the following strategic action initiatives:

  1. Establish a physical home for the Center that displays the importance of the Humanities, particularly on the Drury campus

  2. Apply for an NEH Challenge Grant to support the work of the Center

  3. Create a “Friends of the Humanities Center” program.

  4. Develop an interdisciplinary certificate program in ethics that can serve pre-professional programs and involves the local Springfield community.
  5. Develop an interdisciplinary M.A. in the Humanities.
  6. Develop a Humanities and Arts Film Series with the Moxie theater
  7. Create a Hundred Books Challenge program for faculty, students, and community.
  8. Develop a bi-monthly "Thinking Aloud" discussion series on subjects such as research, teaching, assessment, and general issues facing the Humanities.