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Library Sciences Course Descriptions

The library provides access to information resources that support the academic needs of the university and enhance the classroom experience. The library’s information literacy program teaches students the practical and conceptual skills needed to acquire, use and evaluate information competently, ethically and effectively.

LIBR 364: The Printed Book as Art and Artifact, 1450 to 1850. 3 hours.

An introduction to printing history and the history of the book. This course examines the development of printing, including the development of allied arts such as type-cutting and casting, papermaking, bookbinding and illustration. It also seeks to study the cultural contexts of printing and the book, with special emphasis on the rise of a reading public. Students will examine and handle examples from the library’s rare book collection. Same as ARTH 364.

LIBR 290, 390, 490: Selected Topics. 1-3 hours each.

LIBR 391, 392, 491, 492: Research.