College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Welcome from the Director Peter Meidlinger

Peter MeidlingerThe Humanities and Ethics Center at Drury embraces its public mission as well as its intellectual one. We believe that the humanities and ethics are as necessary today as ever. At the very least, they teach us to value truth. If, as propagandists like to say, a lie, repeated often enough, becomes true, humanistic education gives us the courage to expose the lie before it takes root.

Robert Frost reminds us of a more elusive truth. He said the truth, once repeated, becomes less true, and so gets at the necessity for each of us, and each generation, to constantly restudy and articulate what we know—or think we know—in order to keep truth alive. That is the work of the Humanities today: to harness the expressive powers of philosophy, history, and literature to renew the truth in the service of the public good.

The search is complicated—for Keats, truth is beauty; for Plato, beauty is justice—and so we know the three are entangled with one another in ever surprising ways. And we know the complications and the surprises make the project worth doing.

In our commitment to the public humanities, we invite you to participate actively in this project with us.

Our Vision

We promote and support initiatives involving quality teaching, learning, research, and community outreach that improve the lives of our various constituents by seeking to integrate, and give visibility to, the central importance of humanistic inquiry to all aspects of life.

Our Mission

To generate excitement about, and passion for, the central importance of the humanities to all aspects of human life, the Center promotes the advance of the scholarly investigation of the humanities by both students and faculty, and works to actively demonstrate the applicability of humanities knowledge and approaches to meet the needs of our external communities through public outreach.