College of Humanities & Social Sciences

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS)

Drury University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) provides a wide range of academic programs focusing on the nature of the human. In the fine and performing arts (Music, Theater, Art and Art History) students cultivate artistic capacity and understanding; in the social sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, and Political Science) students investigate the richness of people’s individual, social, and political lives, and in the humanities (History, Philosophy, Religion, Literature, SpanishFrench, and Communication) students engage with a vibrant and complex human world of powerful ideas, diverse cultures, and events.

On the main Drury campus, CHSS is housed in five buildings - Burnham Hall (housing History, Philosophy, and Religion, and Political Science) Pearsons Hall (housing majors in Behavioral Sciences and Languages and Literature); O'Bannon Hall (housing Music), Pool Art Center (housing Art and Art History), and Shewmaker Hall (housing Communication). As a whole, the college collectively offers 26 degree options, and we are home to nearly 400 declared majors and 61 faculty.

In addition to a focusing on a declared area of study, students in CHSS are expected to develop sharp critical thinking skills, develop the courage to take intellectual risks, and cultivate open-mindedness and creativity. 

  • The Meador Center

    Dedicated to the academic inquiry of politics and citizenship in the modern world.

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  • Teaching Excellence

    Dr. Kevin Henderson Wins University Teaching Award

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  • The Springfield-Drury Civic Orchestra

    100 talented professionals, students, and enthusiasts presenting a yearly orchestral concert season.

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  • Department Spotlight: Music

    Check out this video, and learn more about the amazing experiences of Drury Singers and about the Music department!

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  • Humanities & Ethics Center

    The Humanities and Ethics Center at Drury embraces its public mission as well as its intellectual one. We believe that the humanities and ethics are as necessary today as ever. At the very least, they teach us to value truth.

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  • Student Spotlight: Brit Pybas - Pokemon Master

    Brit Pybas is a recent Drury philosophy graduate who is no stranger to competing on the world stage. The setting, though, is one you might not expect.

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Humanities Society Trivia NightFSC BallroomFeb. 11, 2016 @ 06:30 pm
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