VIII. 819 - Violence Prevention

Drury is concerned for the safety of its students, faculties, and other citizens. In order to ensure that the environment at Drury avoids violence and to protect students, faculty, and other citizens of our learning community, the following Violence in Higher Education policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, visitors and others who are on the Drury campus or whose communications or actions affect Drury or its students, faculty, staff, visitors and other citizens with any connection to Drury.

  • Threats or implied threats of physical violence, physical intimidation in any form, and violent behavior by or at the direction of a person are strictly prohibited.

  • Possession of any type of weapon on university property, including parking lots and green space, is strictly prohibited unless the individual has university approval through association with a public law enforcement agency, or has registered the weapon with the director of security, and has written permission from a vice president or the president. In the case of firearms, the policy applies whether or not the weapon is loaded and whether or not it is capable of being fired.

  • Any person who feels that he or she or another person has been threatened in any way on Drury property, at any Drury activity, or by any person related to Drury in any way must immediately report the threat to the director of security or another member of the administration. Drury will investigate the threat and take appropriate action. Students, faculty and other Drury citizens are required to cooperate fully with any investigation by or at the request of Drury.

  • Former employees who left involuntarily or students who have been dismissed from the university or denied admission for reasons other than academic performance are prohibited from Drury property and will constitute trespassers, unless they are participating in a public university program and have not been requested to depart.

Any violation of this policy will be dealt with through disciplinary action, up to and including separation from the university.