VIII. 804 - Employment Termination

Voluntary Termination

  1. Resignation is a voluntary act initiated by the staff member to terminate employment with Drury. To separate in good standing, although advance notice is not required, Drury requests at least 2 weeks' written notice of resignation from nonexempt staff members and a month's notice from exempt staff members.

  2. If a staff member does not provide advance notice as requested, the staff member will be considered ineligible for rehire.

  3. A resignation letter is required. The letter should include date of resignation, last workday (physically present), and the reason for departure (i.e., another job, moving, etc.). The letter is prepared for the supervisor and copied to Human Resources. The last day the staff member is physically present on the job is considered his/her last day of work, resignation date. The staff member is responsible for scheduling a meeting with Human Resources before the last day of work. Human Resources will review final paycheck, benefit continuation, employment experience, and collect all university property.

  4. Eligible staff members receive pay for accrued vacation, up to a maximum of 12 x the monthly factor.

  5. Sick leave is not reimbursed at termination.

  6. Pay for staff who voluntarily terminate employment shall be available at the next regular pay date for all staff.

Involuntary Termination

  1. Involuntary termination requires prior review and concurrence by the Human Resources Department. All relevant facts and circumstances must be fully documented.

  2. Staff members who, after appropriate counseling, demonstrate inability to meet the established standards of performance for a position, may be terminated. In certain circumstances, termination may be the appropriate action even for a first offense.

Reduction in Force

Regular staff members terminated because of the lack of funds or abolishment of a position, will be given written notice as far in advance as possible, but no less than one month. If these individuals are rehired by the university within six months following termination, they retain all benefit eligibility from last prior service. Employment data remains the same as it was prior to termination.


Regular employees may retire when they meet either of the following criteria:

When they have 10 consecutive years of service and have reached 55 years of age, OR

When the sum of the employee’s consecutive years of service and age totals 76.

As a retiree, staff are eligible for certain benefits. These benefits are explained in the Benefits Summary – Retired Staff.

Termination date

Termination date is the last day of work on which the staff member is (physically present and completed assigned job duties), exclusive of days of vacation to be paid.

Final Monthly Pay Calculation

If a staff member terminates employment on a day other than the last day of a monthly pay period, actual working hours are used to calculate the individual's gross pay for the partial pay period. The formula is as follows:

Gross pay = Actual hours worked x Hourly wage rate


Upon termination of a staff member, all pertinent employment records are to be forwarded to the Human Resources Department.