VII. 702 - Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Plan

Drury University is committed to the concept of equal employment opportunity. Therefore, all necessary action shall be taken to ensure that applicants are employed and staff members are treated during employment on the basis of their exhibited ability and competence, without discrimination on the basis of gender, race, color, citizenship, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, status as a disabled veteran, Vietnam veteran or other veteran, pregnancy, exercise of legally protected rights, age, or any disability which Drury can reasonably accommodate without undue hardship and which does not create a direct threat to the person or other person.

In support of this policy, the university shall conduct an active affirmative action program in order to promote equal employment opportunities, and all members of the Drury community are instructed to support this commitment in both letter and spirit.

Drury University shall work towards implementing the affirmative action policy in recruitment and employment practices. All recruitment, appointments, promotions, transfers, benefits, and compensation, and educational programs and activities shall be conducted on the basis of an individual's qualifications and performance.

This policy statement shall apply to all teaching and non-teaching staff members of Drury University.

  1. It is the policy of Drury University to provide equal employment opportunity to each individual. This policy applies to recruitment and advertising; selection and job assignment; promotion, demotion and transfer; layoff or termination; rates of pay and other forms of compensation; selection for training; or the provision of any other employment services.

  2. The university complies with all provisions of federal, state, and local laws enforcing nondiscrimination in employment practices.

  3. The continuing progress and vitality of the university requires that we utilize all available human resources to the fullest. The continuing need for well qualified staff members dictates that individuals with talent must be recognized and encouraged to progress through equitable employment policies.

  4. It is the policy of the university to encourage present staff members to apply for promotions whenever present staff members are qualified and available. Job vacancies are posted on the Drury University Human Resources website, job hotline, email, and job vacancy board. All staff members are encouraged to maintain an awareness of such postings and inquire whenever they have an interest in applying for an available position.

Responsibility for implementation of equal opportunity employment rests with the president, officers of the university, and the Human Resources Department (The Equal Opportunity Team) who will monitor and periodically review the recruitment process. Each supervisor shall be responsible for providing complete and accurate data as to job descriptions, advertisements, female and minority, veteran, and physically or mentally disabled recruitment (from the requested voluntary information) and selection of same for positions at the university. Employment statistics shall be prepared annually and reviewed towards meeting progress in employment of minorities, females, veterans, and the physically and mentally disabled.

Recruitment and Employment Procedures - Staff Members

All recruitment and employment of staff members shall be coordinated by the Drury University Human Resources Department.

Procedures for such recruitment and employment shall include:

    1. All position openings shall be posted on the human resources website, job hotline, email and job vacancy board so that all existing staff members may have an opportunity to apply for jobs which become available and offer advancement potential.
    2. The Human Resources Department shall endeavor to recruit minorities, females, veterans, and physically and mentally disabled applicants to fill any vacated position. Procedures to assure full consideration of minorities and females are as follows:

      1. Equal opportunity clause in all advertisements
      2. Register openings with Employment Security Division
      3. Contact handicapped and minority advocacy groups within the Springfield area
      4. Obtain voluntary equal opportunity information
      5. Maintain interview reports from supervisors and others involved in the recruiting and selection process
    3. Detailed written records shall be maintained on the recruitment and employment of all staff members with particular reference to efforts to locate females, minority, veterans, and physically and mentally disabled applicants.

    4. Supervisors who will ultimately select from a field of applicants shall document their selection and set forth reason(s) why the person selected was the best for the position.

    5. Transfers and promotions of staff members shall be on the basis of qualifications as evidenced by performance, experience, training, education, and potential.