VI. 614 -- Lactation Accommodation Information


Effective 8-1-15

Drury University supports female faculty and staff who wish to express breast milk while at work and is committed to complying with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) requirements to provide reasonable breaks and a private location (other than a bathroom) for employees to express breast milk for up to one year after giving birth.

Designated Lactation Area

The University has designated a lactation area with a clean, private, comfortable space, an electrical outlet, a chair, a table, and access to a sink with running water. The location of the designated lactation area is Room 2, in the northwest hallway of Weiser Gymnasium. Exterior access to this hallway faces Drury Lane on the northern end of the building.

In addition to the designated lactation area, an employee may work with her supervisor and the Human Resources office to identify a space in her department or building to serve as a lactation area. Privacy may be ensured by installing a lock, and/or blinds or a curtain.

Break Time for Expressing Breast Milk

Prior to a return from leave after the birth of a child, an employee who plans to breastfeed after returning to work should engage in a dialogue with her supervisor regarding accommodations to express breast milk. Time used to express milk should be coordinated with the department as a request for a flexible work schedule to allow the employee to make up the time at the beginning or end of her work schedule if the request exceeds paid break and meal times.

Departments should anticipate requests for breaks of 15 to 30 minutes, two to three times per day. Some additional time may be needed to return to the work location, depending on the location of the employee’s work location. Supervisors should be flexible about break time for expressing breast milk and should direct any questions to the Human Resources office. The Human Resources office may require additional relevant information from the employee, and/or reasonable documentation from the employee’s healthcare provider, upon request to the employee.

Storage of Breast Milk

Employees must provide their own clearly identified, leak proof containers for storage of expressed milk while on campus. An employee should check with her supervisor to determine if there is a refrigerator/freezer available near the employee’s work area where storage of breast milk is permitted. If there is no refrigerator/freezer readily available, the employee should provide her own means to store and keep the milk cold, such as a cooler.

NOTE: Federal and state regulations prohibit the storage of breast milk in refrigerators/freezers that are used for lab specimens or medications.

Responsibility of Employees

An employee should contact her supervisor to notify the supervisor of the request for accommodations to express milk. The employee should provide notice of the frequency and duration of time needed for breaks. If the need for break frequency or duration changes, this should be coordinated with the employee’s supervisor.

Responsibility of Supervisors

Supervisors should respect and be sensitive to an employee’s choice to breastfeed as well as other efforts to do what she considers best for her baby.

Supervisors should work within the University’s policies regarding breaks and hours of work to accommodate employees who wish to express milk at work. Supervisors should grant requests for unpaid break time and/or the use of paid breaks or meal times for this purpose for up to one year following the birth of a child. Time used to express milk may be made up at the beginning or end of the day, or other flexibility may be approved to meet the needs of the department and the employee making the request.

Access to and Reservations for the Designated Lactation Areas

Drury Safety and Security maintains the security of the designated lactation area.

Employee access: Employees are responsible for submitting a key request to the Safety & Security office. Requests should be submitted at least five business days before the key will be needed. Keys may be requested online.

The Human Resources office maintains the calendar and reservations for the designated lactation area. Employees are responsible for checking with the Human Resources office regarding availability of the room and reserving time slots as needed.

Visitor access: Campus visitors who wish to use this room during normal business hours to express breast milk should be directed to the Human Resources office in Burnham 107. The Human Resources staff will provide access to the room or an alternate location.