VI. 613 - Community Connection Leave Policy

Effective 6-1-12

Purpose of the Policy

In recognition of the university's commitment to community engagement and the diverse needs of our community, all regular full- and part-time employees on all of the university's campuses are eligible to receive paid community connection leave. Eligible employees may request up to eight hours per fiscal year to perform volunteer service at a site approved by the office of Community Outreach and Leadership Development.Community connection leave may be taken in four or eight hour increments, as long as the period chosen has been approved by the employee's supervisor, and the employee has adequate community connection leave available. Community connection leave will be granted at the convenience of the University, and must not interfere with service to our students or university operations.


  1. An employee must email requests for leave to their supervisor in advance of the requested leave date. Hours worked by the employee during a community connection leave are entered on the timesheet and coded as paid personal time (P). Once the timesheet is printed, employees will note next to the "P" that those personal hours were for Community Connection Leave by writing "C.C."

  2. Employees interested in using community connection leave must work with the office of Community Outreach & Leadership Development to coordinate the service date, time, and location to ensure that the service is performed at an approved site, and to complete all required paperwork. Approved sites are community partners that the University has an established relationship with and that have agreed to host volunteers. It is important that this be coordinated through the office of Community Outreach & Leadership Development so community partners are not overwhelmed and so that the service can be verified and tracked. Employees utilizing the policy will need to submit the Service Hours Validation sheet to the office of Community Outreach & Leadership Development after their service project.

  3. Employees are encouraged to participate in community service projects that promote relationship building with students as well as colleagues. The office of Community Outreach & Leadership Development will strive to organize projects that promote such interaction.

  4. Additional community connection hours may be approved at the supervisor's discretion for special University-related projects, so long as regular university needs are met and their department workload allows it. Approval is at the discretion of the supervisor.

  5. Unused community connection leave may not be carried over from one fiscal year to the next. Employees who separate from employment or retire from the University will not be compensated for any unused community engagement leave.

  6. Employees will participate in service projects with the understanding that he or she will use good judgment and avoid high risk activities including but not limited to: heavy construction, heavy lifting, operating machinery, etc.

  7. Employees are responsible for their own transportation. There are several approved service sites within walking distance of campus.

  8. Employees who have a specific community partner or service site that they are interested in working with, should communicate their interest to the office of Community Outreach & Leadership Development and have the service site complete the necessary paperwork to become an approved partner.

  9. Responsibility for the interpretation and administration of this policy resides solely with the University. The University reserves the right to amend or rescind this policy at any time.

  10. Liability: Employees are covered under the university's worker's compensation insurance if injured performing approved activities at approved sites.